Samsung is gearing up for more foldable devices in 2022

More and more foldable phones are becoming part of the smartphone market as one of the next-gen devices. Currently, Samsung’s foldable and flip phones are doing great, and the company plans to release more models and series in the upcoming year. Yes! Samsung is gearing up for more foldable devices in 2022.

Foldable display devices are treated to watch as well as use and when it comes to displaying panels or foldable displays, there is currently no competition with Samsung. It is even trying to develop the multi-foldable phone that’s in development. Currently, the side-folded device and the flip device are available in the market, and customers love them.

Additionally, Samsung is the only brand worldwide to offer two different types of foldable smartphones. Samsung’s first generation foldable devices didn’t do well or had some issues with flexibility. The South Korean tech giant has done a great job with the improvements and is currently dominating the mobile market with its reliable flagship-grade foldable phones.

Meanwhile, Samsung has already started working on further developments of the next-gen foldable devices like (double-fold phones) and the chances are high that it might debut in 2022. Analyst firm UBI Research estimates that Samsung Display will produce around 18 million foldable OLED panels by the end of 2022, which is a significant number for just the foldable segment.

As per the reports, that will be more than double the 8.1 million units of foldable panels that have been expected to ship by the end of 2021. Additionally, people are gradually moving towards such foldable phones due to the stylish design and the fact that they easily fit in pockets or on your palm. However, the secondary or outer display panel can be useful for checking the time or notifications at a glance.

In the upcoming few years, it’ll eventually become one of the common factors to have a foldable display device just like a normal smartphone as time goes on. Dowoo Insys, a subsidiary of Samsung Display provides the Ultra-Thin Glass cover which is used in foldable panels. Therefore, it is also expected that the production of those glass covers will increase.

In addition, it is predicted that foldable smartphones will consume around 16 million display panels by 2022. Samsung, however, has the advantage of being able to sell the extra foldable OLED panels to other smartphone manufacturers as well. There is no information on whether other smartphone OEMs in China are considering those foldable panels because that may increase the device’s manufacturing cost.

As for Google and Apple, they’ve already begun focusing on it. At the moment, there are no rumor or official announcement. Meanwhile, rumors of the Google Pixel Fold device have been circulating for quite some time. Therefore, we may have to wait a while to see what Google offers.

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