Samsung Launches “iTest” Web App to Turn an iPhone Into a Galaxy Device

Samsung has launched a new web app called iTest that allows iPhone users to get the Galaxy experience on their device. The company wants to give iPhone users “a little taste of Samsung” through a web app that simulates the Android experience on an iPhone. The newly-launched website is currently being advertised in New Zealand, but it can be accessed from anywhere.

As per a report from MacRumors, Samsung has launched the iTest website to simulate the Galaxy experience on an iPhone. When a user opens the iTest website in a web browser on an iPhone, it prompts to add the web application to the home screen. After it’s done, the user can launch it just like any other application and use the Android interface of the Samsung Galaxy devices. According to Samsung, iPhone users can use this web app “to get a little taste of Samsung, without changing phones.”

Samsung iTest Web App for iPhone Users

Like said before, the iTest web app can be accessed through the iTest website at, and iPhone users can add the web application to the iPhone’s home screen. After opening the app, you can experience your iPhone as a Samsung Galaxy device, the experience of which is quite impressive. It replicates most of the Android and Galaxy functions through the web app running on an iPhone. For example, you can browse the Galaxy Store, change themes, explore the Samsung Camera app, and do a lot more.

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Apart from this, when you’re in the iTest app, you will receive a variety of simulated text notifications and phone calls. These highlight different things that users can try out and different ways they can communicate with friends. Besides, the company is also using this to promote its products like Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy Buds Live, and Galaxy Watch 3.

However, it’s been reported that the iTest web app works only on iPhone 7 or newer devices. For older versions of iPhones, the website prompts to buy a new Galaxy device (currently) from one of the Samsung Stores in New Zealand. If you’re also an iPhone user and want to try out the iTest web app to experience the Galaxy interface, visit the iTest website here. Of course, you can not use the web app on an Android device.

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