Samsung Launches SmartTag+ in US at $39.99 to Take on Apple AirTag

In a bid to give Apple a tough fight, Samsung has now released the Samsung SmartTag+ in the United States. It is a tile-like smart tracker and successor to Samsung SmartTag. Designed to find lost items when attached to it, SmartTag+ uses Ultra-wideband (UWB) technology in conjunction with Bluetooth LE to find misplaced items. 

Samsung SmartTag+ To Pit Against Apple AirTag

Samsung SmartTag+ is shaped like a rhombus and has a tiny hole that you can use to tie or attach with keys or wallet or strap it with items that you usually would misplace or something that gets stolen often. Once attached and paired with a UWB-enabled Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you will be able to find the whereabouts of the misplaced item on the Samsung SmartThings app.

Samsung launches SmartTag+ in the United States at $39.99

In fact, thanks to the UWB support, SmartTag+ can also provide an AR Finder feature that gives users on-screen visual indicators of the whereabouts of the lost item. This is just the tip of the iceberg. SmartTag+ has Bluetooth LE that lets you find lost items on a map. When connected to SmartThings Find network which has an anonymous crowdsourced tracking feature, you will be able to find the location of the lost item whenever a Samsung Galaxy device that has opted for the network intercepts its location.

Can’t find an item in your house? Make it beep with the SmartThings app on your device as the SmartTag+ will make a roar till you find it if it’s in the Bluetooth LE range. You can control a whole series of smart appliances with SmartTag+ such as turning on and turning off smart lights among others. 

Samsung is launching SmartTag+ in the United States at $39.99 which gives it a 10-dollar increase over the regular SmartTag that arrived at a price tag of $29.99 although it lacked UWB capabilities. 

Perhaps only SmartTag+ and AirTag have AR Finder capability which sets it apart from Tile smart tracker. The SmartTag+ works similar to Apple’s AirTags which carries a price tag of $29 for one and $99 for a pack of four in the United States. It is yet to be seen which smart tracker that’s the most orders. 


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