Samsung might release CamCyclopedia soon for the Galaxy devices as a mobile photography learning tool

The South Korean tech giant Samsung is most probably working on a new mobile photography learning tool on its Galaxy devices called ‘CamCyclopedia‘. Multiple reports are coming out that this feature or tool may be included in the Samsung Members app.

The so-called CamCyclopedia has been briefly mentioned at a Galaxy Camera Workshop in South Korea. Samsung will continue updating the Expert RAW camera app with stability and improvements. But if you’re one of the Samsung Galaxy device users and enthusiasts of mobile photography then the particular feature or tool will come in handy.

This will offer a tutorial suite for mobile photography on how to focus, maintain the distance, adjust camera settings, and more. If in case, you don’t know about the Expert RAW app, it’s a new Samsung camera app with a professional level of advanced and manual features plus controls.

That means not every Samsung Galaxy device user will gonna understand how to use the Expert RAW camera app precisely. Here the CamCyclopedia learning tool will help a lot. CamCyclopedia is considered to be a mobile photography learning tool right now until Samsung officially releases it.

But obviously, that will help the Samsung Galaxy smartphone users while taking pictures and recording videos. It should be included in the Samsung Members app as a component. Meanwhile, some reports claim that Samsung is trying to reduce the rear camera module bump significantly by using the 200MP camera sensor. So, we’ll have to wait for that.

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