Samsung One UI 4.0 can change color of app icons based on system theme

Android 12 based Samsung’s One UI 4.0 seems to be capable of changing app icon colors based on the system theme set on the device. As you may know, Google has implemented a feature in Android 12 that allows users to select dynamic interface colors according to the theme or background they are using on their devices. In spite of the fact that it can be turned off, it’s nice that Google has chosen to incorporate the customization options of Android by default into the OS instead of forcing users to jump into the custom firmware for such minor visual changes.

According to some reports, Samsung is also working on it, and the One UI 4.0 version will allow users to change the app icon colors as well as the icon shapes from the One UI Launcher Settings menu. Although most users and Samsung fans believe that changing the app icons to match the theme color will not look good to them, this could be viewed as an additional feature that users could utilize in the future.

According to the comments on the Samsung subreddit forum, Samsung’s One UI already has very simplistic and not so detailed app icons that users like a lot. However, changing the app icon colors based on the system theme doesn’t look very good, and sometimes it may even appear cartoonish. Like a third-party launcher, One UI 4.0 Launcher Settings also offer a variety of app icon shapes. They may not be pleasing to the eye, and Samsung should probably make some adjustments. However, you can use them if you wish.  

Users who dislike the stock launcher’s app icon shapes can change the shape of the icon directly from the Theme Park option via the Good Lock app. The Good Lock app can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store app.

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