Samsung One UI suggests enabling Rich Communications (RCS) for text messages

Google has implemented the Rich Communications (RCS) feature as a fully-fledged media-rich messaging service for Android devices for a couple of years. However, the availability of this RCS feature is another topic. Yes! Plenty of Android devices haven’t received this feature yet either via settings or messages which is unfortunate enough. Luckily, Samsung is pushing it through the software updates on its Galaxy devices and One UI suggests enabling Rich Communications (RCS) feature for text messages as a default.

Though it has been available in One UI for the Samsung Messages app for a while, the chances are high that not every Galaxy device hasn’t been received yet. We know this may take some time and the mobile carrier brands are also involved in providing this feature depending on the region which will increase the expected timeline.

But if the RCS feature is available for your Samsung Galaxy device right now then make sure to follow the steps below to turn it on. Though some reports are saying that the RCS feature is hidden inside the device Settings menu, some users are already using the same since the last year from the Messages app settings menu. We’ll discuss both of them.

What is Rich Communications (RCS)?

Rich Communications (RCS) is a next-gen text messaging protocol that offers an improved way of sending or receiving messages rather than the traditional SMS messages. It allows users to insert media files, location, GIFs, stickers, other document files, weather, nearby restaurants, movie info, schedule message sending option, on-device contacts, better emojis, etc.

Though the RCS feature can be used with both mobile data and Wi-Fi networks, some devices or mobile carriers require the chat feature to be connected to the device before using it. In that scenario, you’ll have to use the mobile data network for one time to enable the connected status.

Steps to Enable Rich Communications (RCS) on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Well, as we’ve mentioned, there are two ways to do that. If one isn’t applicable, try another one.

1. Via Device Settings:

  • To enable RCS, you’ll need to open the ‘Settings’ app on your Samsung Galaxy device.
  • Next, go to ‘Connections’ > Go to ‘More connection settings’.

Samsung One UI suggests enabling Rich Communications (RCS) for text messages

  • Here you’ll have to tap on the ‘Rich Communications’ toggle to ‘turn ON’ to enable RCS on your Samsung device.

2. Via Messages app Settings:

  • Just open the default ‘Messages’ app on the device.
  • Tap on the ‘three-dots icon’ on the right side of the search bar to open the Menu.
  • Now, tap on ‘Settings’ > Tap on ‘Chat features’.
  • Here you might see the Status is either ‘Connected’ or ‘Disconnected’ mode.
  • If it’s already in connected status then just start using the messaging app to check what’s new.
  • If in case, it’s showing the Disconnected status then make sure to tap on the ‘Enable chat features’ toggle to turn it on.
  • Next, turn on the mobile data and go through the RCS validation process. If required, it may send you an OTP for the mobile number verification.
  • Once done, it’ll show the Connected status.
  • You’re good to go.

It’s worth mentioning that you can always turn off the chat features or RCS option to get back to the standard text messaging feature. So, that’s up to you whether you’re liking the new multimedia-rich messaging or not. If in case, your carrier or your region still doesn’t support RCS, you will have to wait further.

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