Samsung Quietly Launched Smart Keyboard Trio 500 with DeX Support

Samsung Dex is one of the standalone Android solutions that lets Samsung devices connect with PCs wireless and in a jiffy. Well, Samsung is taking it further by adding a new wireless keyboard with DeX capabilities. Dubbed as Smart Keyboard Trio 500, it was quietly launched on Samsung store recently. It has a robust and simple design much like Magic Keyboard from Apple although it gets an almighty feature aka the DeX shortcut. This feature enables users to use their Samsung devices with the desktop-style interface.

Samsung DeX and Smart Keyboard Trio 500

Samsung has refined DeX ever since it was launched with Samsung Galaxy S8 in 2017 with subsequent phone releases and numerous software updates. Anyways, Smart Keyboard Trio 500 has many programmable keys that you can use to open apps and whatnot based on your requirements. There are customizable shortcut buttons that would open used apps although the feature is available for OneUI 3.1 and above.

Smart Keyboard Trio 500 with DeX Support

Once you are connected to any PC via DeX, you can access the files, myriad of apps, make changes, delete and do pretty much everything you could on a PC. The only difference is, you are now using your compatible Samsung smartphone as a small window to the C.

You can pair up to three devices with the Smart Keyboard Trio 500 and turn on DeX if needed. Next up, simply press shortcuts keys on the keyboard, and the keyboard will be allocated and connected to the second device. Press it again and it will be connected to the third device. Additionally, you can switch between these devices until it has juice left in the AAA batteries. Perhaps, the batteries might not be rechargeable.

The Smart Keyboard Trio 500 seems a godsend, isn’t it? Perhaps you will have to wait for it for a little longer because Samsung hasn’t discussed its release date or availability. Neither are we aware of its pricing so we don’t know much about the futuristic DeX-supported keyboard from Samsung as of now. Samsung is holding an Unpacked event on April 28 and it is likely that we will get to see more about the Smart Keyboard Trio 500 at the event.

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