Samsung reportedly working on an Anime based Virtual Assistant called Sam

If you thought this summer was hot this time, wait till you take a look at Samsung’s plan. It looks like the popular South Korean manufacturer is all set to make it even hotter by introducing a new virtual assistant.

Many of you might be wondering, why drool over a virtual assistant in the first place? As weird as it might sound, Samsung is reportedly working on an Anime based assistant to replace plain old boring Bixby. Bixby was Samsung’s first attempt to take over Google Assistant, and it miserably failed. People hate Bixby to the core.

But Samsung being Samsung, tried to force it on their users by repeatedly including hardware buttons for Bixby. However, instead of people using the assistant, they started hating Samsung and Bixby even more.

Coming back to the new assistant, the company was already looking at various anime mascots in the last few weeks. But this is the first time images of the upcoming assistant named Sam have surfaced online. Users are still divided over the issue.

In case you are wondering why people are so hyped about it, take a look for yourself and tell us why you shouldn’t.

The screenshots are courtesy of Lightfarm Studios, who went on to share Sam’s capabilities. Samsung is yet to comment on the recent developments. It seems weebs are itching to get their hands on (Sam)-sung, while some people think otherwise. No matter what you might think, Sam surely looks cute.

What do you think of Samsung’s new virtual assistant? Let us know in the comments section below!


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