Samsung seems to be falling behind Xiaomi in India

In both the total number of sold units and market share, Samsung appears to be falling behind the Chinese OEM Xiaomi in the Indian smartphone market as of Q3 2021. It may have been somehow possible for Samsung to maintain its position in the global smartphone market in Q3, 2021, but the situation in the Indian smartphone market is different.

In India, Xiaomi has outsold Samsung by unit sales or market share. A new report by market research firm Canalys shows that the number of smartphones shipped across the country has declined over the last year. Although Samsung’s Q3 sales and market share were lower than Xiaomi’s in Q3, the Q2 volume is quite good.

Samsung seems lacking behind to compete with Xiaomi in India

Now, we’re expecting that things will gonna change slightly better in Q4 2021 as the festive season is in the queue in India. But it’s also indicating that the growth in Xiaomi smartphone sales will also increase in Q4 2021 due to sale offers, discounts, exchange offers, and more. We should also mention that the figures in the market research include POCO devices as well.

Xiaomi and POCO with Redmi are dominating the Indian smartphone market with a 24% share and over 11.2 million units sold. While Samsung places second in the list with a share of 19% and 9.1 million units shipped. Then Vivo and Realme brands are listed with a market share of 17% and 16% respectively.

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