Samsung Self-Repair Program is now available for Galaxy S21 and S20 series users with iFixit

Mobile device users are already in demand for a ‘right to repair’ service where the parts and tools should be provided for the users to repair their own products in the past few years. However, some brands like Apple don’t have the same intention because they started soldering the internal parts permanently which becomes difficult for the users and even for the repair professionals to easily replace any parts. Meanwhile, Samsung Self-Repair Program has been announced recently in the US.

As per this program, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, the S20 series, and even the Galaxy Tab S7+ users (US) will be able to get benefits of the self-repair program that has been partnered with iFixit. This will definitely gonna help users and their devices to extend the lifespan and freedom of replacing parts seamlessly. It’ll also reduce e-waste, improves the circular economy, and obviously reduce some money on repair bills.

The South Korean tech giant Samsung has partnered with iFixit to offer exclusive and specialized repair tool sets for specific mobile devices as well as detailed online step-by-step guides for its Self-Repair program. The guide will be available for free of cost where interested users will have to purchase the necessary parts and tools accordingly.

According to the recent report on AllAboutSamsung, it seems that there is already a list of available parts and their price has been revealed in the US. The cost of the parts will vary for each model (applicable for Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, Tab S7+). We’re assuming that Samsung will include more device models near future to expand its service.

Samsung Self-Repair Program is now available for Galaxy S21 and S20 series users with iFixit
Image Credit: AllAboutSamsung

The Self-Repair program is currently available in the US. There is no official confirmation available for the other regions yet. You can keep an eye on it for further info.

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