Samsung’s new fast wired charger named ‘Power Adapter Trio’ can superfast charge all your devices

Samsung offers an extensive line of electronic accessories with its own user base. The company also offers both wired and wireless chargers for its compatible smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearable devices, etc. These include standard charging as well as fast charging. Although Samsung is mainly focused on providing 15W fast chargers out of the box with most of its devices, the company is now working on a new fast wired charger. It might be called the ‘Power Adapter Trio’ with the model number ‘EP-T6530’.

With this fast charger, you can superfast charge all your devices with three USB ports with one adapter. Therefore, you won’t have to carry individual charging adapters for your various devices. EP-T6530 features three USB ports: one USB Type-C port with a maximum power of 65W, one USB Type-C port with a maximum power of 25W, and one USB Type-A port with a maximum power of 15W. Thus, you’ll have an easier time doing the job.

Samsung hasn’t announced an exact price yet, but it is likely to cost €56 (Euros), which is equal to $63 (US dollars). So far, it hasn’t been confirmed whether it can deliver a maximum power of 65W or 105W (65W+25W+15W). We presume that it’ll be a 65W adapter most likely.

Based on reports, if we take a look at the power output of the adapter, it will easily fast-charge your Galaxy Book, Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy Z Flip 3 or Galaxy Z Fold 3, etc. devices at the same time. So, your space and time will be saved quite easily. It is also expected that Samsung will re-introduce the 45W fast charger (wired) with the Galaxy S22+ and the Galaxy S22 Ultra in 2022. You’ll have to wait for it, but Samsung is expected to include the much larger capacity fast charger with its high-end Galaxy devices soon.

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