Samsung Unpacked Part 2 Teaser Hints at Colorful Foldables, Most Likely the Z Flip3

Earlier this week, Samsung announced that it will be hosting the Unpacked Part 2 event on October 20, 2021. However, the company didn’t reveal anything about what users would be seeing during the event. But now, the South Korean conglomerate has released a 19-second teaser video for its upcoming “Unpacked Part 2” event, preparing viewers to “unfold something unmistakably you.” This suggests that the OEM isn’t preparing for a new product launch or new hardware. It rather hints at customizable foldables, most likely the Z Flip3 devices.

The newly-launched teaser shows three aliens in front of a computer playing around a color palette picker. While they experiment with the colors on their computer screens, the color of their clothes also changes randomly. This suggests that the company might be ready to introduce customizable colors for its Z Flip3 or both of its folding phones — similar to what Motorola offered at one time.

Samsung Users Might Get Customized Foldable Phones

It must be noted that this news is not coming from a rumor or a leak, but it comes from an official video teaser from Samsung. The electronics maker shared the teaser through its official Twitter account on Friday, quoting they’re “working on something just made for you.” The close look at the video teaser suggests something has to do with colors.

The three aliens in the video appear to select colors from a color palette while randomly changing their clothes’ colors. It hints that Samsung fans will be able to ask for a customized foldable based on a color of their choice. The users, hence, can design the back cover of their newly-announced foldables like the Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 before buying. The event is just a few days away, and we will get to see the exact details only then. You can watch the teaser video above.

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