“Scream 5”: Courtney Cox to be returning to the role of Gale Weathers for fifth part of the franchise! Read the article to know the Release Date, Plot, Cast and more!

Anyone that has grown up in the late 90s or early 00s knows and loves the “Scream” franchise. It was the one horror movie franchise that genuinely terrified us. Although a lot of other fantastic horror films came out in the 90s, Scream was a cult classic. Since the series ended in 2021, we haven’t had a new Scream film in ages. However, the creators of the film have come back in action to produce another part of the film. The best part, though, is that Courtney Cox will be back in her role of Gale Weathers! Read more to know all the details about Scream 5.

“Scream 5”: Courtney Cox to return

Earlier in 2019, MovieWeb mentioned that Courtney Cox would return in Scream 5 as Gale Weathers. However, Courtney did not comment on this at the time. Later, David Arquette confirmed that he would come back to his role as Sheriff Dewey in the film. Now, recently Courtney posted a photo of the classic Scream mask with the caption, “I can’t wait to see this face again.” Naturally, the fans of the franchise are excited as hell by this news. Scream 5 would have been lonely without the familiar face of Gale Weathers. Courtney hasn’t commented on working with her ex-husband (David) in this movie.

“Scream 5”: Release Date and Cast

We couldn’t confirm a release date since the creators haven’t officially announced it. However, we do know that Scream 5 will come out in 2021, according to the IMDB page. It would make sense, too, since the cast members have been posting about it lately. When it comes to the cast of the film, we have some official names. David Arquette has already confirmed his role earlier. Now, Courtney has also made it official by posting on Instagram. Other than these two, we only know that Wes Craven is directing the film. None of the other legacy cast has confirmed the news. We shall have to wait and watch for any story to come out regarding the fifth part. Whenever these updates do appear, we will let you know.

“Scream 5”: storyline

If any of you haven’t watched this franchise or don’t know what it is, here’s a little summary of the films. The Scream franchise is a classic horror series that started in 1996. Scream 1 came out in 1996 and went on to be the founding stone of four parts of a series. The movies are known for their graphic violence and signature costumes. Their characters are well developed and encapsulate the murder aesthetic. A lot of its horror is based on the genre of survival horror and psychopathic antagonists.

The story revolves around a masked serial killer named Ghostface who hunts the main characters of the movie. These characters are written with self-awareness and don’t fall into cliche tropes. The four films show us the same concept, but the incredible plot twists, and suspense entertains the audience beautifully. Ghostface will come back in Scream 5 too, so the audience is excited as hell!

Are you ready for the return of the first scream franchise?


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