‘SEAL Team’ and ‘Clarice’ to Move from CBS to Paramount+ Next Season

It looks like the two high-profile CBS drama series, SEAL Team and Clarice, are moving to Paramount+ from CBS next season. According to the reports, the David Boreanaz-starring military drama SEAL Team and Clarice, both produced by CBS Studios, are in discussions to move to Paramount Plus next season.

SEAL Team, which is wrapping its fourth season, will release its fifth season on CBS next fall and will likely air its first several episodes on the broadcast network before migrating to Paramount+. However, representatives for both Paramount+ and CBS Studios have declined to comment. But the move is expected to bring some potential audience from CBS to Paramount+, especially with the most-watched military drama. On the other hand, Clarice will become a Paramount+ exclusive with its second season streaming exclusively on the Paramount Plus network.

SEAL Team and Clarice Moving to Paramount+ from CBS

ViacomCBS has always been strategic about switching platforms to maximize a series’ potential. The latest examples being Younger and CBS Studios’ Halo, which was recently moved from Showtime to Paramount+. Another show, The Man Who Fell To Earth, was also moved from Paramount+ to Showtime. So the new move of SEAL Team and Clarice from CBS to Paramount+ isn’t entirely a surprise, as it won’t be the first time to see this thing.

One thing about SEAL Team is that it has a devoted fan following, with an average of 6.5 million viewers with a week of delayed viewing. The show enjoys strong support among veterans as it follows a SEAL unit that takes on dangerous missions throughout the world. Similarly, Clarice, the show which is produced by Kurtzman and Lumet with Elizabeth Klaviter and Heather Kadin, averaged about 6.1 million viewers over its inaugural season.

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