Signia Active Pro Wireless Earbud is a Stylish Hearing Aid with Artificial Intelligence

Signia is known as one of the leading brands when it comes to hearing aid technology. The company recently announced the Signia Active Pro range, a wireless earbud that also doubles up as a hearing aid.

The new Active Pro range offers users to option to comfortably overcome their hearing difficulties while wearing a comfortable and stylish wireless earbud.

According to the company, the Active Pro range marks the introduction of an all-new category in the hearing aid industry, replacing the traditional hearing aid designs with a stylish wireless earbud. The earbuds are comfortable and can be easily worn for long hours without any issues whatsoever.

Signia Active Pro wireless earbud is a stylish hearing aid

The Signia Active Pro range makes use of the company’s Xperience YourSound technology in order to make users understand speed even in noisy environments.

The Active Pro builds on the wireless earbuds experience, offering Bluetooth connectivity so users can easily listen to music, make calls or listen to their favorite podcast. The battery lasts an astounding 26 hours, ensuring you don’t run out of juice in the middle of the day. It also comes with Signia’s pocket-sized charger along with Qi Wireless Charging capabilities.

The cherry on the cake, the Signia Active Pro also comes with the Signia Assistant, the company’s own AI that offers continuous support with the Signia app available on both Android as well as iOS. The AI optimizes the earbuds according to the specifications of the user, so it can offer a more personalized experience.

We know it can often be difficult for consumers to overcome resistance to ‘traditional’ hearing aids. We hope our new ‘hearable style’ design will help many feel more comfortable and confident to start their hearing journey.

– Emma Jones, Brand Manager at Signia UK

Coming to the Signia app, the assistant offers several features that include:

  • Personalized settings for better speech comprehension and more clarity in every type of situation
  • How-to videos and text-based dialogues to answer questions when it comes to handling hearing aids
  • The real-world usage insights enable users to offer higher-quality follow-up appointments.

Pricing and Availability

The Signia Active Pro range will be available in the UK at selected retail outlets as well as hearing care practitioners from April 2021. The hearing aids are priced at £999 and will entirely depend on the model as well the package users opt for.

For more info, log on to Signia Hearing Aid


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