Smite adds Gilgamesh as Part of the King of Uruk Update

While there are a lot of MOBAs out there, Smite is a popular free-to-play game in the genre available on various platforms. Having said that, it is also quite old considering the fact that the game completed 7 years just last month.

One of the most attractive features of the game is the ability to play cross-platform, enabling players from various platforms such as PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PS to play with each other.

This month, the game released a new update, known as King of Uruk. Gilgamesh is known to be the first mythical hero. He is also a leader and an adventurer. In the game, Gilgamesh belongs to the warrior class, a melee god with a lot of brute force strength and damage.

Smite Gilgamesh

The Smite does justice to Gilgamesh who attacks with a Drop Kick along with a powerful leap. His ultimate ability first summons a wind storm that prisons enemies inside.

Smite King of Uruk update changes the map too

The latest update also marks some changes in the Living Conquest map, the standard and most played mode in the game. The game now features a darker sky with a storm, while on the ground, destructible vines pop out in the jungle that lets players explore new strategies.

The update is the first quarterly update to the game this year, with the intention to keep the game afresh. Meanwhile, take a look at Gilgamesh’s Cinematic trailer below!


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