Snap announces its fourth generation of AR Glasses called Spectacles

The parent company of Snapchat, Snap Inc. is working on its fourth generation of AR Glasses. Called “Spectacles”, the new model features full AR functionality that combines effects, filters and various games from Snapchat in the real world.

The new Spectacles come with a cyberpunk-like design along with a bulky frame. The tech in the Spectacles includes two 3D waveguide displays, four microphones, two cameras, and two stereo speakers, along with a touchpad that lets users control the interface.

Like all other Augmented Reality headsets, the Spectacles detect objects and surfaces from the real world using the two cameras and then overlays AR effects. The glasses can detect hands. The CEO of Snap, Evan Spiegel, demoed the Spectacles showing an AR butterfly lands on his hand.

Having said that, the main purpose of the device is to capture photos and videos, which can then be easily shared with people on Snapchat. All this can be done using the touchpad on the device or using Snapchat’s own Voice Assistant.

Snap AR Glasses Spectacles Snap AR Glasses Spectacles Snap AR Glasses Spectacles

The device is not available for sale right now. Snap Inc. plans to power select Artists and developers who are working on similar projects. This might help them further improvise the product and use the ‘Spectacles’ in another way using the Lens Studio Software.

Most likely, the Spectacles will never make it to consumers. On the other hand, Snap has a record of selling these devices in the market and believes in the AR form factor. You can check out the Spectacles below!



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