Sony Launches Three Speakers in the Sony X-Series Starting at AU$499

Music connects people, it rocks people and that is where Sony has made its name among other products. Sony just launched three new speakers under the X-Series made to provide the best-in-class wide-spreading sound that will leave you grooving to the tunes.

The X-Series consists of three models each has its own sets of features, design, and elements that will make you buy it. Each speaker is ready for indoors and outdoor parties with a few or groups of people where you can flaunt it and with great sound quality, durability, portability, lighting, and more, these X-Series speakers are the next thing you would buy as an audiophile.

The XP700 has three high-efficiency tweeters at the front and a single tweeter at the back promising an omnidirectional party sound. The XP500 and XG500, on the other hand, have two powerful high-efficiency tweets at the front that plays powerful music like no other.

Each speaker is made to mimic the experience you would have on an actual live event. The Battery Care Mode on-board these speakers prevent it from reaching 100 percent of capacity when plugged in for charging to enhance its lifespan. The Mega Bass onboard all of these three speakers ensures higher bass levels for a punchier music experience that you would instantly fall in love with.

The X-Series comes with an utmost level of comfort thanks to its easy-to-carry handles that ensure maneuverability. The ambient lighting is one of the many features that will set your mood for a rocking dance number or a couple of dances or whatever you prefer based on the music being played.

Sony X-Series Speakers 1

All three speakers are ready for outdoor settings. Here, the XP700 and XP500 in the Sony X-series speakers have IPX4-rater water resistance whereas the XG500 has an IP-rating which gives it an edge over other of its siblings. You can literally rock the music with the XG500 even in the harshest weather that conforms to IP rating.

Sony X-Series Speakers: Pricing and Availability

As aforementioned, Sony just announced three high-octane outdoor speakers that will be available in Australia from June 2021. There’s no update on its availability elsewhere. The SRS-XP700 will set you back by AU$99 or $420 while the SRS-XP500 will set you back by AU$499 or $300. Finally, the SRS-XG500 model will give you the damage of AU$29 or $380.


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