Sources say Mischa Barton is a ‘nightmare’ to work with

According to sources, Mischa Barton was a nightmare to work with on the sets of the popular TV show “The O.C..” The source exclusively told Page Six.

When the show came out, Mischa Barton claimed she was bullied on the sets of the show. The source says that the entire cast and crew were irritated because she would be late most of the time. The source added,

So now she wants to go say that she was bullied. It wasn’t that she was bullied. People didn’t appreciate waiting for hours for her to show up. It was a mess.

Moreover, the anonymous source also added that her manager acted like her mom and was really annoying to deal with. The actress quit the show in Season 3. The actress told Page Six,

There was a lot going on. Whether I was late or not doesn’t excuse certain behavior from individuals in powerful positions. Everyone experiences things differently and where I acknowledge some of my past behavior may not have been helpful in certain instances, I will tell my truth when I feel ready.

Another source confirms that the actress’ behavior on the set of ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ in 2019 was like ‘night and day.’ Bilson, who plays the role of Summer Roberts in the series, said she didn’t want to speak on Barton’s behalf.

We knew there was a lot of pressure on her but if it was really that bad of an experience, that’s not right for any young person. But, some of the comments were very perplexing to me. So, I don’t know what the truth is about that. I do know that, yes, this was an enormous amount of pressure for her. And for everybody.

– Bilson

We hope to hear from Mischa’s side of the story soon!


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