SpaceX’s crew captured this image of the Earth with their iPhone

San Francisco – SpaceX crew has shot an image of Earth with their iPhone and shared it online after spending three days in orbit. It’s the world’s first civilian mission of SpaceX’s Inspiration4 returned to Earth safely last month and now the mission commander Jared Isaacman has shared an incredible Earth image which was taken with an iPhone.

Isaacman has tweeted that “Amazing that an iPhone can take a shot like this. I really love the nosecone in the picture” with the image attachment. Isaacman shared a video he shot on his iPhone inside the cupola during the flight. He also added that the crew members were “so fortunate to have this perspective and we will do all we can to share the experience with the world”.

It was the first civilian mission launched by SpaceX, and a few of SpaceX’s crew members were aboard the cupola. Crew members included Hayley Arceneaux (physician assistant), Christopher Sembroski (aerospace data engineer and Air Force veteran), and Dr. Sian Proctor (geoscientist).

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During this time, Arceneaux posted a 360-degree photo of Earth from space, describing it as a “life-changing” experience. With an altitude of 585 kilometers, the fully automated Dragon capsule substantially exceeds the International Space Station by 160 kilometers. The Dragon’s dome window which has been inspired by the Cupola on the ISSl that offers an incredible view of Earth.

Finally, Isaacman tweeted that “We loved space but it’s great to be home!” which is actually true to life. Arceneaux also added, “The absolute most incredible experience of my life. Can’t wait to share more with you all!”.

Whereas @SpaceX!a Sembroski said that “What an amazing adventure! I’m so glad to be home on earth and to be back with my family. There is so much to share! What an amazing @inspiration4x team! Thanks.”

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