Spotify Includes Timestamped Podcasts Sharing and Other Social Sharing Features

Spotify is growing exponentially and now that it has partnered with Facebook, Spotify is releasing a host of new updates and features on its app including the latest array of sharing gestures. Apparently, Spotify’s Canvas feature now has a visual art experience that users can loop and share. Cut to now, a new update is now available on Spotify that allows users to share timestamped links to a podcast to social media handles.

Share timestamped links on Spotify

Unlike YouTube that has a timestamp link feature, users who wanted to share a podcast or a song on Spotify usually had to share the entire episode at once. Although some people are rather interested in that short clip of a podcast that matters to them and they can discuss it. For example, you are listening to a podcast that is 30 minutes long and your favorite gag or comment during the entire podcast comes at 1:30 minutes.

Spotify adds sharign timestamped links for podcasts and other social sharing features

Now, you would usually share the entire episode link asking the recipient to listen from 1:30 minute. With the latest update in place, users can actually send time-stamped links to any podcast for further discussion. Taking the previous example, Spotify now allows users to share a part or section of a podcast simply by using this timestamped feature.

While listening to a particular podcast, if you want to share for ‘n’ minutes, simply tap on the “Share” button that will give you access to a load of social media handles where you can share the podcast. On the top-right of the dialog box, you will see a toggle that you need to flick. This will set up the duration from where you want recipients to listen to any particular podcast. Once timestamped, you can easily share it with your friends on Instagram Stories, WhatsApp, Facebook News Feed, and so on.

Podcasts creators can take advantage of this potentially marketing purpose since users will eventually share the podcasts link on their social media handles. In turn, these creators will be benefiting from it as the users will be interested in sharing a timestamped link of a podcast instead of sharing it as a whole. Spotify is improving the Canvas feature on the app and more updates will be followed soon.

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