Super Dragon Ball Heroes has confirmed the return of a Dragon Ball Z Villain

The latest episode of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes has confirmed the return of a classic Dragon Ball Z villain.

The promotional anime series is currently in its second season, following the events of the Big Bang Mission arc. It is part of the original card arcade game that was released in Japan and has kicked off the new Space-Time war arc in the second season of the anime.

This time, Goku and Vegeta are sent in a new universe that has been created solely using Fu’s power. They are pitted against their toughest opponents till now.

If you haven’t watched it till now, the latest episode of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes marks the return of some allied characters such as Krillin, Gohan along with some others. Having said that, it also brings back some villains that Goku and Vegeta faced in the first season.

The list included “Dr. W,” who will be returning as Dr. Wheelo from the Dragon Ball Z movie The World’s Strongest. If you remember, Dr. W made an appearance in the first half of the Big Bang Mission arc. The latest episode confirms Dr. Wheelo in conjunction with Bojack and a masked version of Android 17.

Because Vegeta and Goku are already occupied, it’s up to the others to take them down. The newest episode in the anime is titled “Warrior in Black vs. Goku Black! The Dark Plot is Revealed!”


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