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Sylvester Stallone Wants a RAMBO Prequel Film and He Shares His Vision For It


It’s been teased that the story of John Rambo will come to an in depth with the upcoming movie Rambo: Final Blood. Effectively, whereas this movie will deliver the Rambo’s story to an in depth, Sylvester Stallone desires to inform a brand new story that begins in the beginning. He desires to make a prequel movie that focuses on Rambo as a youngster.

Whereas speaking to ScreenRant, Stallone shared his imaginative and prescient for the younger character and the story which is able to present the person who Rambo was earlier than being shipped out to Vietnam:

“I at all times considered Rambo when he was 16 or 17 – I hope they will do the prequel – he was the very best particular person you can discover. He was the captain of the staff; he was the most well-liked child at school; tremendous athlete. He was like Jim Thorpe, and the battle is what modified him. When you noticed him earlier than, he was like the right man.”

That is the primary info now we have on what Rambo was like earlier than he went to battle and I can see an amazing story to be instructed there. He was the All-American boy earlier than his life was without end modified when he was drafted and skilled to go to battle and kill. He already had the bodily abilities to change into a badass warrior and the navy honed these abilities and reworked him into the final word killing machine.

Hell yeah, I’d completely watch a Rambo prequel if it ever received made!

Megan Zetterberg
Megan Zetterberg

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