Sylvie from Loki explains why her fighting style is so badass

If you have been watching Loki, you must know by now that Episode 3 features our protagonist has forged an alliance with his alternate timeline counterpart, Sylvie.

The duo quickly got along as they tried to escape a planet on the verge of destruction. It was the first time Sylvie came to the screen. Fans kept wanting more of the duo as the episode concluded, with their only hope of escaping now shattered.

Sylvie is played by none other than Sophia Di Martino, who has made appearances in Danny Boyle’s 2019 Beatles celebration called Yesterday. This is the first time the actress is a part of the Marvel Universe.

In an interview with CNET over Zoom, she explained why her character’s fighting style is so badass. According to Sophia, one of the movies they watched while readying for stunt references included Atomic Blonde. Sylvia was greatly inspired by the same, and they wanted her to be a brawler character. Emphasis was laid on not making her elegant like Loki since that’s his thing. She said Sylvia is more of a street fighter.

The interviewer also asked if Sophia was sent a ton of comic books to read to prepare for her role. Sophia said,

To be honest, I didn’t have time. It all happened so quickly. There wasn’t time to read a big stack of comics. Kate did send me a few, but I don’t remember which ones without going home and checking.

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