Telegram to Roll Out Video Conferencing Feature in May

Telegram has come a long way since its inception focusing on security to extremities, unlike others. It has added several features including channels, voice calls, video calls, and more. Cut to now, it is adding yet another feature i.e. video conferencing feature that was earlier unavailable on the app.

Pavel Durov – Telegram CEO, took it to his personal Telegram channel where it announced the video conferencing feature which is a jab at Zoom, Google Meet, and other video conferencing apps out there. It arrives with many nifty features including desktop and tablet support, screen sharing, screen sharing, and noise cancellation among others that make it close to Zoom as an epic rival.

Telegram announced Video Conferencing Feature

Telegram to roll out video conferencing feature in May

Telegram already has a one-on-one video calls feature and a group voice feature. With the latest video-conferencing feature, it has added the capabilities of both so that a group of people can communicate on a video interface on Telegram. Fortunately, Telegram will take care of the encryption and speed of users during the video conference calls just like it does with chats and video calls among others.

Apart from that, the newest video conferencing feature takes a Clubhouse approach where the hosts will be able to talk and not anyone else. Hosts can give permissions for others to speak which gives them much-needed control over participants, unlike many other platforms. In fact, Zoom has been facing issues where others could join in and troll and cause havoc which has been termed as Zoombombing. Perhaps, Telegram won’t be facing similar issues which is a breath of relief.

Adding video conferencing capability on Telegram makes the app closer to Zoom as aforementioned. Telegram ensures the security of the users no matter if it’s chatting in one-to-one or channels, as well as group voice calls and now, group video calls, are end-to-end encrypted as well.

The group video calling feature on Telegram will arrive next month i.e. in May where users from tablets, smartphones, and desktops will be able to use the app without any hassle. Telegram has reached 400 MAUs in April 2020 and the numbers are growing exponentially that further advocates the success of this upcoming feature.

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