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‘The Busch Family Brewed’: Christi apologizes to Marissa on behalf of the family for gold digger comment

The episode begins with Billy Jr and Marissa reflecting on the unfortunate happenings of the previous night when the former’s brother and friend tell Marissa that the Busch family feels she’s not the right person for their brother and called her a gold digger to her face. 

Things had gotten really weird and heated during the conversation with Marissa defending herself and Billy Jr emptying his drink on his brother. 

Marissa asks Billy if he thinks things would be weird with his family going forward and also makes it clear that she doesn’t want to be defending herself constantly in the long run. Billy assures her that he loves her and is in this with her no matter what. 

Back at the hotel, Gussie and Jake are talking about the events that transpired the other night. They are hoping that Billy Jr sees that they are doing what they’re doing only because they’re looking out for him. 

A little later that day, Marissa and Billy Jr are gearing up to meet the former’s parents. Billy Jr recalls that one time he missed the chance to meet her parents over brunch as he couldn’t wake up on time after going out drinking the night before and is really nervous but excited that he’s finally meeting them.

Marissa’s parents arrive and after exchanging pleasantries, Billy asks them for their permission to move in with their daughter. They ask him the reason they’ve decided to take this step to which Billy tells that that he loves their daughter and wants to take the next step in their relationship by moving in together.

Marissa’s parents do give them their blessings, telling them that they were dating for nine months before they married each other. Billy was really happy to hear their story. He loved Marissa’s parents and after meeting with them he immediately knew that these are the kind of people he would love to have as his in-laws. 

Later in the episode, Gussie and Jake are back in St Louis and Christi asks them about how things went on in Dallas. They told her what happened with Marissa and Christi was not okay.

She didn’t expect they would be that mean to Marissa and feels there was absolutely no need for that. She is now waiting for Billy Jr and Marissa to come back home from Dallas the next day and she’s looking forward to ironing out these issues that have cropped up in her family.

Marissa Morgan and Billy Jr Busch (MTV)

The next day, on their arrival, Billy Jr sees the whole family assembled together in the living room and tells them that it feels like they’re scheming against him. Christi tells him that she’s heard Gussie and Jake’s part and now wants to listen to what Billy Jr and Marissa have to say.

Billy asks the family why can’t they picture him and Marissa moving in together and Maddie is quick to respond that they just need to slow down a bit.

Christi seconds Maddie’s claim and tells him that she dated his father for four years before taking big steps but Billy defends his relationship saying that he wants to get serious now and move forward with Marissa. 

The family reiterates that he’s always moved fast in all his relationships and question him about how that has worked out for him. An agitated Billy Jr walks out of the room with Marissa.

Christi extends an olive branch to Marissa and later that evening meets up with her over drinks to talk things out woman to woman. She tells Marissa about the time she first started dating Billy Sr and how unwelcoming the family was towards her.

She apologizes to Marissa for everything that was said to her and promises her that she will speak with Gussie, Grace and Maddie.

Marissa tells Christi that she’s happy how solid of a support Billy Jr has been to her during these times and the ladies end the night on a good note but not without Christi reminding Marissa that she’s always going to be a helicopter mom. 

‘The Busch Family Brewed’ airs on Thursday nights on MTV. Check your local listings for more information.

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