The Last of Us HBO series will run about 10 episodes

If you are a gamer, you must have known or played The Last of Us. HBO is now adopting the popular PlayStation title for the new series.

Having said that, fans were curious to know how many episodes the series will have. The Last of Us game playtime was somewhere around 15 to 25 hours for most players, so the question naturally arose in many people’s minds.

If you wonder how many episodes The Last of Us will have, Collider has said that the show will last for about 10 hours in total.

Thanks to a report by Collider, we now know that the series will have ten episodes in total.

The crew of The Last of Us is currently filming their first episode in Alberta, Canada. The role of Joel and Ellie is being played by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. They must trek together and cross the apocalyptic country while avoiding the zombies.

When Collider asked about the schedule, Mazin said,

On a television show that has multiple episodes, individual episodes will have prep going on while you’re producing other episodes. The time you spend in advance of shooting, in prep, varies from project to project. The rule of thumb for an average feature film, for a $40 million movie, typically you’re looking at 3-4 months of prep. For a show like the one we have been doing, we’ve been prepping for many, many, many months. And we will continue to prep as new episodes come up.

It looks like the entire crew is working hard to complete the project


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