The new Windows 11 leak shows the new Start Menu and design similar to Windows 10X

A few days ago, Microsoft unveiled the next version of Windows called Windows 11. A new leak gives us a glimpse of the redesigned start menu, amongst some other things.

Windows 11 is supposed to bring an overhauled interface. The new leak also shows the many small changes that will be coming to the latest version of Windows. The images were first available on Baidu before The Verge picked it up. Windows 11, in all its entirety, adopts several elements from the canceled Windows 10X.

The taskbar now houses the icons in the middle instead of being aligned to the left. The Start Menu is also part of the new group. Controls such as volume control and other notification icons still remain aligned to the bottom right of the screen.

The new Windows 11 leak shows the new Start Menu and design similar to Windows 10X

Coming to the Start Menu itself, the design is now far more simplified compared to Windows 10X. The Start Menu no longer features the signature feature of Windows 8, the live tiles. Now, it features a bunch of pinned apps and recent files. The window edges are now slightly rounded instead of the pointy edges like in Windows 10.

It looks like Microsoft has decided to introduce the much-requested widgets feature. The Xbox app for Windows is even more tightly integrated with Windows. Last but not least, the configuration process is also simplified with a new setup experience.

Microsoft will hold a special event on June 24, giving us a glimpse of what Windows 11 has to offer. Stay tuned for further updates!


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