The PS5 Dualsense controller can now help you ‘feel’ Spotify songs

The Dualsense controller for the PlayStation 5 allows you to feel the games you play using the vibration motor. Spotify has now updated its app and allows you to feel your music.

The new feature works only if you sync your controller to the Spotify music app. The gap between the consoles is disappearing, with both the PlayStation and Xbox Series X offering almost the same features and titles. It looks like the companies will have to offer something unique to lure more gamers to their products.

Microsoft has said that it really is an outstanding feature and wonders if they can pull off something like that. The tech giant has asked if they want Xbox users to introduce some features from the PlayStation.

The PS5 Dualsense controller can now help you 'feel' Spotify songs

The DualSense is a game changer in every aspect. Its adaptive triggers and haptic feedback enables players to feel whatever game they are playing. Looks like console manufacturers are looking forward to offer something besides visual upgrades, since most of the games already look lifelike.

Recently, the Dualsense integration with the music streaming service Spotify has taken the overall experience even a step further. It was leaked over six months ago when the PS5 was launched. However, the original Reddit was buried in the sands of time before being unearthed by The Verge.

The trick is to plug the DualSense controller into a PC using the USB-C cable. Then all you have to do is play a song on Spotify and that will be it. The controller’s haptic feedback lets you feel the music currently playing.

Here are the exact set of steps you need to follow:

  1. Plug the DualSense into the PC’s USB C port and let Windows install the respective drivers.
  2. Make sure you have changed the audio output to Speakers (Wireless Controller)
  3. Then, click on the Sound option in the Windows Control Panel and navigate to Properties.
  4. Choose the Speaker Fill bo in the Enhancements tab and apply the changes.
  5. Once the following steps are done, restart the Spotify app if it’s already running.
  6. Play any song and you will feel the vibration motors helping you feel the music.

Keep in mind that the feature wasn’t made for Spotify and is kind of a workaround. But it is what is is, and works pretty good to be honest.


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