The Umbrella Academy Powers Explained

“All of them stopped their training in their adolescence when the family broke up, and they are still learning about their powers and their powers are still evolving.”

That’s rough for The Umbrella Academy as individuals but exciting for dedicated fans of the show. As season 2 reveals, the Hargreeves might have some tricks up their sleeves that even they didn’t know about. With that in mind, let’s run down The Umbrella Academy’s powers and how they evolve in the show’s second season.

Number One – Luther

Per comic book lore, Reginald Hargreeves numbered his “children” by how useful they were to him. If that is indeed the case then Mr. Hargreeves was suffering from a severe lack of imagination. Because Luther, however useful he might be, has arguably the most unremarkable super power. Luther’s super power is basically the most generic, entry-level ability imaginable: super strength. Luther has always been strong and that strength seemingly magnified when he was injected with gorilla DNA to save his life.

Our understanding of Luther’s power doesn’t progress much in season 2. Though there are some interesting inconsistencies with how his super strength is applied. His body is strong enough to stop a Soviet RPG but weak enough to bleed from some well-placed punches in a bare-knuckle brawl. Perhaps Luther’s mental state is important to the application of his strength. When he feels emotionally vulnerable – so too is his body. But when he’s all charged up on adrenaline, pity the Soviet soldier who tries to shoot him.

Number Two – Diego

Diego gets the biggest power evolution in season 2 of all his siblings. Number Two’s power had previously been understood as a supernatural skill for knife-throwing. Then the finale of season 2 reveals that that mastery in knife-throwing extends to the manipulation of any kind of projectile when he stops a barrage of bullets with his hands, matrix-style.


Rowdy Rathore

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