The upcoming Nokia 5G phone will feature a rugged design

Ever since HMD Global bought Nokia, things have been going nothing but uphill for the smartphone manufacturer.

The company even recorded its first-ever year-on-year sales growth since 2019 under HMD Global.

The Finland-based company HMD Global has confirmed that they would be releasing a new smartphone with the Nokia brand. This is the first time in two years the company is working on a flagship-level Android device.

But that’s not what we will see in the upcoming July 27 announcement. The company is instead working on a rugged phone that won’t ever need a case. HMD says the phone is designed for rough use. This is really something new. Almost every phone available in the market needs some protection, so manufacturers naturally make cases.

The upcoming Nokia 5G phone will feature a rugged design

It looks like Nokia is trying to change the game. The company recently teased us about the July 27 announcement. You can find some resemblance between the newly released Nokia X20 and the rugged phone in the teaser.

It might turn out to be the rumored Nokia XR 20. It looks like the new rugged handset will feature a quad-camera setup, which is the standard on almost every phone these days, along with a mid-range Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 280.

If HMD delivers on its promise of not requiring a case, then the upcoming Nokia phone might be one of the best smartphones of the year.

Are you excited about the new rugged Nokia smartphone? Let us know in the comments below!


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