This is what the Apple VR Headset might look like

Apple is supposedly working on a Virtual Reality(VR) headset. If this is true, this won’t be the first time Apple dives into the world of VR and AR. The company already makes use of its camera devices to enhance the user AR experience.

A popular YouTuber going by the name of ConceptsiPhone has uploaded a video giving us an idea of how the new Apple VR Headset might look like. The video takes inspiration from several already published concepts. It also conceptualizes how the iPhone 13 might look like.

According to several sources, Apple is working on a VR Headset that will be lighter than the rest of the competition. This might be due to the fact that users report discomfort and fatigue when wearing these type of headsets for a long time.

We expect the Apple VR headset to make its debut sometime in 2022 with a price tag of around $1,000. While that might look like a lot, we should remember that people criticized the iPhone X the same way when it was released 4 years ago.

Apple VR Headset Concept

The concept video also discovers how the iPhone 13 might turn out to be. The video also showcases an iPhone with a quad-camera setup along with a secondary screen on the back of the phone. While the second screen might still sound futuristic for some viewers, the neatly organized quad camera design surely looks attractive.

Apple has already packed some serious hardware in its smartphone lineup. Pairing the VR headset with the iPhone doesn’t look like a lot of work since the processors are already capable of handling any heavy workloads. The upcoming iPhones will surely be powerful than the current lineup and can easily deliver some stunning visuals when paired with the VR headset.

This is what the Apple VR Headset might look like


Since Apple is in no rush to come out with the Virtual Reality Headsets, it seems like we might witness the launch of two new iPhones before they come out. Or who knows, Apple might decide to launch the VR headset alongside the iPhone 13 itself.

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