Tomorrow War will be available for streaming on Amazon starting July 2

With a Terminator-like sci-fi theme and a budget of more than $200 million, Tomorrow War could turn out to be this summer’s biggest hit.

Unlike other blockbusters, the movie won’t be released in theaters. Instead, the Cris Patt starer will be available on streaming on Amazon. Back when all movie theatres were shut down indefinitely in California, the movie was sold to Amazon. It will be one of the biggest movies that will entirely skip the theatres.

People from every corner of the globe will be able to stream the movie starting July 2. The director of the movie, Chris McKay, who has also directed The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie, said,

Please do not watch it on your phones. Watch it on the biggest screen you possibly can with the loudest sound – crank it up. Invite the neighbours over so that they are not annoyed that you are cranking it up – but just watch it with a lot of people because you are going to have a good time.

The plot comprises of a group of time travelers coming from the near future when an alien invasion is about to wipe humanity off the face of earth. What may sound weird enough is that instead of helping people in the past, they ask their grandparents to fight for them in the future.

Tomorrow War will be available for streaming on Amazon starting July 2

McKay also added,

When we were making the movie, there were existential threats that we had in the back of our mind, like ‘What is your responsibility for future generations?’ And then Covid came along.

In an interview with AFP, he said,

I think a lot of people respect that Chris went from that (sitcom) guy to Guardians Of The Galaxy. He is a movie star, but he can do so many different things and be so incredibly vulnerable.

Chris plays the role of a former special-ops soldier who is then called to battle aliens in the future. Will you stream The Tomorrow War when it comes out? Let us know in the comment section!


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