TomTom Launches AmiGO Navigation App on Android Auto as Waze Alternative

TomTom has launched its AmiGO navigation app on Android Auto, bringing the company’s new-generation arsenal of features onto the head units of cars. The app will allow drivers to navigate around town in a much more convenient way. The arrival of the AmiGO app to Android Auto comes after Google’s announcement that allowed developers to publish Android Auto apps for things like navigation, charging, and parking to Google Play Store.

According to AutoEvolution, TomTom’s AmiGO will act as Google’s Waze alternative that provides users with details for things like live traffic, road hazards, accidents, and speed cameras. Like Waze, AmiGO also crowd-sources incidents, so anyone using this app can provide real-time reporting for traffic updates, radar, police, and more. This launch comes following the announcement of Google that it was working with developers to bring more car-related apps to Android Auto.

TomTom AmiGO Navigation App Comes to Android Auto

In August 2020, when Google announced its plans to work with third-party developers, the tech giant released the Android for Card App Library in beta. This gave developers the tools to design, develop, and test their apps on the Android Auto platform. Following the announcement, Sygic was one of the first alternatives to Waze and Maps on Android Auto. Now, the arrival of TomTom’s AmiGO suggests that drivers could soon get several more navigation, parking, and charging apps on Android Auto.

TomTom Launches AmiGO Navigation App on Android Auto as Waze Alternative

According to TomTom, the AmiGO navigation app is ad-free and “made for drivers, by drivers.” To those of you who don’t know, TomTom is a popular name in navigation circles, and its AmiGO app brings a smoother experience as compared to Waze and Google Maps. It also offers alerts for average speed check zones, blocked and closed roads, danger and risk zones alerts, trusted arrival times, and more (currently) in France, though.

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