Truecaller Version 12 update adds 5 New features for Android users

Popular caller identification app Truecaller has announced a new update to its Android app that brings the app version to 12. The company rolled out the latest v12 Truecaller for Android on Thursday with five new features, including a new Video Caller ID feature, redesigned UI, and call recording for free users. In a statement, Rishit Jhunjhunwala, Chief Product Officer and Managing Director of Truecaller India said: 

Truecaller is a vital part of communication for over 22 crore Indians, for both their professional and personal needs. We are humbled by the level of trust people have shown in us but we are also driven by the goal of transforming communication.

Among the five newly-added features on version 12 of Truecaller for Android, there’s a new Video Caller ID feature, which will allow you to set a short video that plays automatically when you call your friends and family. You can record your own video or choose from one of the built-in video templates. Below are the four other features that Truecaller has added to its Android app in the latest update.

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Truecaller v12 New Features and Uses

In addition to the Video Caller ID feature, Truecaller has now made its Call Recording feature available to all free users. This can come in handy when you want to record a call from an unknown number or during professional scenarios for taking notes. The app also provides options to listen to or delete recordings from within Truecaller. Additionally, you can also easily share recordings using email, Bluetooth, or any other messaging service.

The third addition is a brand-new feature called Call Announce. When you enable this new optional feature, Truecaller will speak out the caller ID for incoming phone calls. The feature works for both normal calls and Truecaller HD Voice calls. It also works for both saved contacts as well as for numbers identified by Truecaller.

As aforementioned, the Swedish caller ID app has also redesigned its user interface on Android. Now, you get a streamlined interface with separate tabs for calls and SMS. 

Lastly, the fifth new feature that Truecaller has added in version 12 is the Ghost Call. With Ghost Call, users can fake a phone call by setting any name, number, and photo on Truecaller to make it appear as if they’re getting a phone call from that person. You will also be able to choose a contact from your phonebook for the ghost call.

The latest Truecaller app with version 12 is now available to download on the Google Play Store for Android.

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