Trump: Is President Trump On His Way To Ban TikTok In US? Is The Seriousness About The Issue Truly Remarkable? Get Full Insights Here.

President Donald Trump made a very big announcement. President Trump is going to ban the most popular video app TikTok. Yes! You heard it absolutely correct. President Trump’s seriousness about the issue is remarkable.

President Trump made the announcement on Friday. He was traveling on Air Force one when he told the reporters that he is going to ban the Chinese mobile application TikTok. When the reports asked him more about his decision to ban the Chinese mobile application.

He told the reporters that he will announce it publicly and Officially on most probably Saturday. President Trump wants to ban the application as soon as possible.


Additionally, he also told me that he has the authority to do so. That’s he can just release an executive order and the application would be banned. This decision could be politically inspired.

Or it could be his next move towards his presidential elections. However, it also could be the next masterstroke of President Trump towards the “Chinese virus” conspiracy.


Besides this, many reports are claiming that the Chinese application is spying over the citizens. That’s why many major countries like India has already banned the TikTok along with many other Chinese mobile applications. That’s why the officials in the U.S. also got motivated to ban the Chinese application.

Additionally, President Trump also told reporters something more interesting. President Trump said that he didn’t allow any of the American tech giant to buy or took over the Chinese application.


This was definitely an indication of Microsoft. Because there were reports that Microsoft is in talks to the Chinese application to buy this application.

Besides this, the parent company of TikTok clearly said that it doesn’t have any connection with the Chinese Communist Government.

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