Twitch Makes Changes to the Popular ‘/ME’ Chat Command

Twitch is the most popular streaming platform on the planet. What started as a game streaming platform has now artists, musicians and even yoga teachers streaming on a daily basis.

One of the most used features on the platform is the chat window. The /ME command was one of the most popular commands used in the chat. It is used by people to make their message stand out in the chat. Twitch has now confirmed via a Tweet that they are making some changes to the command in order to reduce the confusion.

The old /me command displayed messages in the same color as the username. It is one of the most used and popular command on the platform as of now. Having said that, the command is also used in nefarious ways by users worldwide. One way users created confusion on the platform was to fool to streamer into thinking they had received donation from the user. This can be really frustrating for some streamers in general.

The recent change makes sure that the text won’t be the same color as the username after using the /me command. Instead, it will be italic with the text appearing the same way a normal message in the chat does.

However, some portion of the community have expressed their anger over the change, saying it was totally unnecessary. Users are rampaging all over Twitter and saying that Twitch should have added other useful features instead of wasting their time on the same.

In all honesty, this is a really good chance with people not being able to trick streamers into thinking they have donated. Users are frustrated over the fact that Twitch made such a big deal of this small change, instead of fixing real issues on the platform.


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