Twitter to Finally Allow Bigger Images on Both Android and iOS

Twitter is the go-to platform if you want to share something with the world. Be it a simple thought, leaks, or new ideas, almost everyone who regularly uses the internet has stumbled on Twitter at some point in time.

Netizens love Twitter, but like everything, it has some flaws. One of the most hated things on Twitter for Mobile devices was the inability to view an image in a post even if you have a large enough. Twitter’s theme automatically crops the image, allowing you to see only a part of it.

The cropped image feature is infamous for sometimes zooming in a completely weird area, sometimes making things quite funny. The changes were improved way back in March this year, but are rolling out now. The platform recently made some changes and allowed users to post 4K photos, which is a welcome move. This, in conjunction with the uncropped post photo, should allow users to be more creative with their Tweets.

Having said that, some twitter users pointed out that the “Open image for surprise” feature, something Twitterati’s were fond of, will be gone once and for all. But it’s a good thing who follows people who post a lot of images such as painting and product images and don’t want to open the image every time in order for it to be viewable.

One interesting to note is that the company hasn’t applied the feature to the Desktop version of the website. This means that Twitter Desktop users will still be able to use the “Open to Surprise” feature for quite some time.



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