Twitter Now Lets Users Tweet Hi-Res 4K Images on Android and iOS Apps

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms and it just got a tad bit better. Twitter has finally tested the Twitter Hi-res 4K images feature it has been testing for a few weeks now. The feature lets users tweet 4K images as well as view 4K images on their Twitter app on Android and iOS. The feature is now available for all users and not just a handful of them.

Twitter supports high-resolution images up to 4096×4096 on Twitter’s web app while the Android and iOS app client is limited at 2048×2048. However, this has caused issues such as images cropping when uploading on Tweet Composer and viewing it on the timeline or news feed. Cut to now, Twitter has found a solution and that is not to crop images at all.

Yes, Twitter won’t crop images like it used to do and now, it will let users upload and view 4K images without any hassle. 4K images are way better and that’s something Twitter came to the conclusion after testing it for a while.

When you upload an image with a landscape shot, it will be uploaded in a full-frame setup. However, things change when uploading portrait shots or images as Twitter’s cropping mechanisms crop those images making them look different both in composer and in profile.

Twitter Hi-res 4K Images

The move to not crop images at all and letting Twitter users upload and view 4K images is taking the world by storm. It is perhaps a new way of tweeting even for those who have been a Twitterati for ages. Twitter said that it will further test ways to showcase 4K images and improve upon the responses and feedback it received.

How To Enable Twitter Hi-Res 4K Images Tweets?

Well, the new feature is up and running across Twitter’s Android and iOS clients. You can check out the “Data Usage” option in the Settings of the Twitter handle and turn on “High-quality images” if you want to view 4K images, tap on “High-quality image uploads” if you want to tweet 4K images for a wholesome experience on Twitter like never before. Also, Twitter has settings that instruct the app to enable Twitter hi-res 4K images when on cellular and Wi-Fi, or just Wi-Fi or you can disable it entirely.

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