Twitter Rolls Out its Tipping Feature to Android Users Worldwide

Twitter has finally started rolling out its in-app tipping feature to Android devices, letting users send money to content creators of their choice. The microblogging platform announced that Tip is now available to all Android users above 18 years of age. Now, Android users can set up their Twitter account to receive tips from their followers.

The social media giant introduced the Tip Jar feature in May and rolled it out to all iOS users above 18 years in September. But now, over a month later, the Tip has been released to Android users as well. This feature allows users, including content creators and journalists, to monetize their tweets in the form of tips. They can share links to their Patreon, PayPal, Cash App, Bandcamp, and Venmo accounts, and their followers can pay them directly through the app.

How to Set Up the Tips Feature on Twitter

The tipping feature is now available to Android users above the age of 18, and they can set it up from their profile. To set up the Tips feature, tap the “Edit profile” button on your profile page and then select “Tips.” The feature will now be enabled for your account and the Tips icon will be added to your profile. However, you should note that this feature is currently available to only a limited group of creators, journalists, and nonprofits. It may roll out to more users in near future. In Twitter’s words:

With Tips, we’re creating an easy way to direct people to links to your payment profiles and we’re making it easier to support the people driving the conversation on Twitter – whether you want to support a content creator, help someone fundraise, tip someone who just needs some help or thank someone for making you laugh.

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