Twitter is Working on a Tip Jar Feature to Let Influencers Monetize their Content

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most popular microblogging websites with millions of users daily. When it comes to monetizing content for influencers, Twitter has put forth different ways earlier such as Super Follow, the newsletters. Cut to now, Twitter is trying its hands on something direct and much similar to its Facebook-owned Clubhouse audio app.

Twitter Tip Jar Feature In the Making

According to tipster Jane Manchun Wong, she has discovered a new feature on Twitter called “Tip Jar” associated with user’s profiles. Earlier, this feature was spotted on Twitter Spaces which is an audio-only platform. However, Wong has spotted the same feature on Twitter as well which means the feature will eventually roll out across both Twitter and Twitter Spaces.

Twitter is working on a Tip Jar feature to let influencers monetize their content

The Tip Jar feature will allow users to tip any Twitter user or influencer. As seen in the screenshots below, the Tip Jar feature has been integrated with several payment services including the Cash app, Venmo, PayPal, and Patreon. This should allow users to utilize any of these services to tip their favorite influencer. This is a great way to let influencers get back from the community via donations and not just rely on sponsorships and the content they create.

Tip Jar feature was first spotted in March on Twitter Spaces as it was speculated that it is a Spaces-specific feature. But soon, reports started emerging that it is not the case as Twitter is likely to have this feature as well. The Clubhouse chat app rolled out the feature on April 05th that sparked the news further.

As of now, there are many unanswered questions w.r.t. the Tip Jar. First of all, we don’t know to whom the feature will be available. Twitter will likely impose a certain threshold of followers on a profile to activate this monetization feature.

Wong has a reputation for being right with her leaks and this seems to be one of the bits that will be made official soon. In any case, we don’t know exactly when and how the feature will roll out, and thus, you will have to stay put on ScoopSquare24 to know more soon.

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