‘Typewise 3.0’ is Set to Improve Typing Speed of iPhone Users With Honeycomb Keyboard Layout

An average smartphone user makes a typo in every 5 works on his/her smartphone. Apparently, there’s a new update to a keyboard made by a Swiss startup that ends up reducing it to the lowest. Typewise is now launching the Typewise 3.0 app with a new autocorrection technology on-board.

Typewise 3.0 uses a honeycomb keyboard layout which helps speed up typing on iPhones. Developed with support from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, the new keyboard has advanced autocorrect abilities and it works in 100 percent offline mode.

Typewise 3.0 embraces the Honeycomb keyboard layout

According to the developer, an average user makes a typo or a mistake in every 5 words using the usual QWERTY keyboard which is universally known. However, with Typewise 3.0 that uses a honeycomb keyboard layout, the developers have pledged that the typos reduce by 4x and the typing speed improves by 33 percent.

Typewise 3.0 is set to improve the rate of typo and typing speed with honeycomb keyboard layout

Typewise claims that its advanced auto-correction feature is more robust than Microsoft SwiftKey and Google Gboard. Typewise automatically detects the language the user is typing which prevents guessing incorrect words. In fact, the app can recognize colloquialisms and dialects in over 40 languages just as the user starts typing on his/her iPhone. This aids Typewise 3.0 to drastically reduce the rate of typos and also, improves typing speeds accordingly.

Typewise promsies 100 percent secure infrastructure as no data is transmitted to the cloud or any unwanted parties. There are plenty of keyboard layouts available in the market. Typewise 3.0 lets users experiment with the honeycomb keyboard layout which is a bit difficult at first. As the user gets used to it, its usability enhances. If not, users can still use the traditional keyboard layout on Typewise all with the robust auto-correction feature engaged.

Typewise 3.0 has a Pro version that unlocks tablet mode, levies vibrations on keys when pressed, text replacements that let users add a macro to long phrases and words among others. You can adjust the font size of the characters on the keyboard as well. The Pro version is available at $1.99/mo or you can get it for $9.49/annually or simply sign up for a lifetime at just $24.99 on App Store.

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