Upcoming Oppo Magnetic Wireless Charger Renders Leaked

Apart from Apple, only a handful of companies in the industry have worked on magnetic wireless charging solutions. But that will change soon, with Realme working on a similar technology called MagDart.

The new technology will bring the magnetic charging MagSafe experience to Android phones and will be debuted sometime next week.

While Realme started as a sub-brand of Chinese smartphone maker Oppo, the company made it big by selling many smartphones in the Indian market. Now, it is worked on its own magnetic charger, whose renders were leaked today.

Having said that, Oppo is also working on its own wireless charging solution. You can take a look at the renders of the Oppo wireless charger below:

Upcoming Oppo Magnetic Charger renders leaked

As of now, nothing else except the renders has surfaced on the internet. Looking at the leaked renders, we can clearly see that the charger is slim and will feature USB Type-C connectivity at one of the plastic ends. A LED indicator is present on the other edge of the charger.No other details such as tech specs, or dimensions are available right now.

Nonetheless, Realme has already told us that the new charger will be 440% faster than Apple’s magnetic charger.

If we do the calculation, it should be somewhere around 81W. No other wireless charging technology has been able to achieve this to date. The Realme charger is obviously bigger in size compared to Oppo’s and also features a fan.

Thereby, we expect the Oppo charger to deliver speeds somewhere around the Apple MagSafe’s 15W output.



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