Vivaldi’s first Android Automotive Web Browser launches, available on Polestar 2

Vivaldi has officially launched the first-ever fully-featured web browser for the Android Automotive platform and now it’s available for the Polestar 2. This third-party web browser becomes the first browser for Android Automotive after a partnership with Polestar that’s available on the Google Play Store. Vivaldi has announced that a dedicated Android Automotive Web Browser has been released as ‘top desires from Polestar owners’.

The project was started to enable drivers to access the web like mobile devices. Vivaldi browser has partnered with Swedish premium electric car company, Polestar to give drivers a powerful web browser experience in Polestar 2. This browser has been developed with the help of the Polestar 2 team and the Vivaldi browser team for a better experience on the 11-inches screen at the EVs center console.

All of the common features can be found on the mobile app that has been ported and supported for in-car head units. Now, Polestar 2 users can enjoy full tabbed browsing, an inbuilt adblocker, translation tools, a note-keeping extension, and fully synced systems with the existing Vivaldi account.

Vivaldi's first Android Automotive Web Browser launches, available on Polestar 2
Image: Vivaldi

One of the major benefits of the Vivaldi browser is that it offers streaming video content from multiple sites/platforms such as YouTube, etc. This feature was not possible on Android Automotive browsers previously which is a real improvement. It’s important to mention that you can’t use the browser while in transit mode.

Vivaldi automotive web browser can only be used when your vehicle is parked which will obviously give you a more immersive content streaming experience apart from reducing accidents while driving. Whereas the content streaming feature comes by default to audio-only playback when you continue driving with some limitations right now.

Vivaldi has confirmed that this particular Android Automotive browser build will receive all regular updates and patches no matter which operating system you’re using such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android platforms. You can simply download Vivaldi from the Google Play Store on Android Automotive in all European, North American, and Asia Pacific countries from now on. Keep in mind that this browser and its features are only available on Polestar 2 vehicles at the time of writing this article.

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