Voice of the Heroes feature Lil Baby and Lil Durk paying homage to their roots

Right now, Lil Baby and Lil Durk are two of the most popular voices when it comes to the hip-hop genre. Recently, they shared the much-awaited single ‘Voice of the Heroes’, which is a part of a project by the same name.

It will be available to stream on a number of platforms this Friday (June 4). It also features a Daps-directed video that follows Lil Baby and Lil Durk back to their hometown of Oakland, Atlanta. They can be seen on the streets in their city, with Lil Durk opening the song with:

Missed out on my kids life for a year and I gotta accept it/ Certain days n***as never came to my shows and I felt neglected/ Growin’ up, seein’ my uncle dyin’ in his bed, that shit made me reckless/

Pourin’ up and I ain’t never sharin’ my meds, and I ain’t bein’ extra, and I paid like two of my niggas bonds before I bought a necklace/ I done seen my brother stack his bricks up and it look like Tetris/ Havin’ real shootout up on the e-way, you can’t miss your exit.

Lil Baby recently won the iHeartRadio award last week for the Hip-Hop album of the year. It looks like he is all set to continue hitting the top charts. Last year, the singer came out with My Turn, a song that topped the Billboard 200 chart with 197,000 copies sold in the first week alone. He continued with My Turn (Deluxe Edition) that offered seven more cuts, including the hits ‘We Paid’ and ‘The Bigger Picture.’

Lil Durk also released a deluxe version of his album Just Cause Y’all Waited 2 that featured seven additional cuts. He also helped Coi Leray remix her hit song ‘No More Parties.’ The rapper also recreated the most iconic moments of Kayne West’s life in a video titled ‘Kayne Krazy.’

Meanwhile, check out the single ‘Voice of the Heroes’ using the link below!


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