Warhammer Vermintide 2 Chaos Wastes Expansion Pack now Available on PC

Fatshark, the studio behind the popular videogame Warhammer: Vermintide 2 series has amassed a large player base in the last few years. Like Destiny, the game has earned millions with players wanting more from the title.

The developers have come up with another expansion pack to the game, which is surprisingly free to download. The Warhammer Vermintide 2: Chaos Wastes expansion pack can be downloaded without any additional cost as long as you own the base game.

Coming to the Chaos Wastes storyline, players are required to reach the Citadel of Eternity. But there’s a catch. Only those with a pure heart can make the journey. So, if you want to reach the Citadel, you will be required to drop all of your armor and start from scratch.

Warhammer Vermintide 2 Chaos Wastes Expansion pack now available on PC

According to the developers, no journey is the same and there isn’t any map at all. The journey can be completed only by a true pilgrim. Till now, the Citadel of Eternity is a place only heard through rumors. Currently, the region is under the influence of the Chaos Gods.

We are excited to invite everyone that owns Warhammer: Vermintide 2 to join us in the Chaos Wastes adventure. The Chaos Wastes expansion is available for free for all players regardless of the system.

– Martin Wahlund, CEO of Fatshark

The expansion pack also introduces a unique currency in the form of coins that can be used to buy some weapons or godly favors. The developers have also added some challenges known as Chests of Trials which can be completed while players complete their journey.

If players open the Chest Of Trials, they will face a monster that needs to be defeated in order to claim a reward. In Chaos Wastes, players now have the option to visit uncorrupted shrines, where they can ask for godly favors known as Miracles and Boons. The favors do come at a cost, requiring the user to sacrifice something.

Another interesting addition is the Waystone Altar, which is available using Pilgrim Coins. The Waystone Altars have weapons that were used by some of the previous pilgrims, with more coins letting players buy more powerful weapons.

It also brings in some new potions with abilities to sustain the long cruel journey. While the expansion pack is available for PC right away, it will be released on consoles sometime later.


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