WhatsApp Beta for Android Allows Forwarding Stickers With a New Shortcut Button

The new WhatsApp Beta update for Android adds a new shortcut for quickly forwarding stickers. According to a report from WABetaInfo, the latest WhatsApp beta for Android brings the version of the app to Reportedly, the Meta-owned messaging app will soon allow Android phone users to forward stickers using a “forward” shortcut next to the sticker. Such a shortcut button is currently available only next to images.

The world’s popular short messaging app, WhatsApp, keeps adding new or improving existing features, and stickers have been one of the most worked-upon features. The messaging app keeps bringing new improvements to stickers, and this time, it has added a shortcut button that users can quickly tap to forward to their contacts. However, this feature is currently in beta testing, and users can try it by updating their WhatsApp Beta for Android app to version or later. Here’s what the new feature is all about:

WhatsApp Beta for Android Allows Forwarding Stickers With a New Shortcut Button
Image courtesy: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp Shortcut Button for Forwarding Stickers on Android

As aforesaid, the latest beta update has introduced a new shortcut that lets users quickly forward stickers on WhatsApp. When it’s rolled out in the public build, it will be very useful when a user wants to send a sticker to his contacts without first saving it or tapping and holding to find a forward option. Like photos or videos, you’ll be able to forward stickers with a single tap on the dedicated shortcut button next to that sticker. As you can see in the attached image, there appears a forward shortcut next to a sticker in the chat.

While the new shortcut appears on WhatsApp beta with version, WABetaInfo notes that some users may receive this shortcut ” on newer versions than the update as well.” The forward shortcut icon appears next to the sticker in the message thread. Users can tap on the shortcut icon and forward it to their contacts. This will relieve users from going through a lengthy process of tapping and holding the sticker to find a forward option.

At the moment, this feature is available only to the beta testers, but it may be rolled out to non-beta users in the coming days.

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