WhatsApp introduces brand-new Heart Emoji animations for some iOS beta testers

WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is known for its frequent development and beta updates to add new features to mobile devices. Aside from that, WhatsApp for Desktop is also capable of competing with WhatsApp for mobile devices. WhatsApp recently released the global voice note player for iOS beta testers. Currently, WhatsApp beta testers can use new animated Heart Emojis (check here) for the Heart Emoji feature.

The WhatsApp Messenger Beta for iOS 22.2.72 and WhatsApp Business Beta for iOS 22.2.72 are compatible enough to receive this beta update soon. Those of you using iPhones and want to take advantage of the new animated heart emojis should keep your WhatsApp beta version up-to-date.

It will take some time for the stable version of WhatsApp to be released in the upcoming weeks or months. This is because this feature is only accessible for WhatsApp beta users. WhatsApp beta is currently in development of animated heart emojis for iOS devices, which are available on the latest 2.22.72 beta update of WhatsApp available on the App Store.

Animated heart emojis can only be seen by recipients of the message who have enabled the feature. Android users using WhatsApp will soon be able to use it. A date has not yet been announced.

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