WhatsApp unveils a helpful feature to “undo” status updates on iOS

WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, recently announced a feature that will allow iOS users to “undo” status updates. In the past, WhatsApp Status updates were not equipped with this option for reverting a wrong update. In a blog post some weeks ago, the Wabetainfo blog reported on WhatsApp Beta for Android, which involves the possibility of undoing status updates.

At the moment, it appears that WhatsApp beta for iOS brings some bug fixes for the status update feature, apart from the undo mode for status updates. Hopefully, more iOS beta testers will be able to use the same feature in the coming weeks. In case this feature is already available for your WhatsApp account, you’ll see a newly added option to undo your status right after posting it.

WhatsApp unveils a helpful feature to "undo" status updates on iOS

Previously, the only way to undo a status update on WhatsApp Beta was to delete the status from the user’s profile. Since the latest update, it’s quite easy for WhatsApp beta users to undo their status changes.

In other words, after publishing the status update and selecting the ‘Undo’ option, the status will be deleted for everyone. For most WhatsApp users, that feature comes in handy if someone posts a status update by accident and wants to delete it quickly.

Currently, the feature is only available for some iOS beta testers, and if you’re an existing WhatsApp beta tester then you will receive the update soon on your iPhone. In case it isn’t available for your WhatsApp application or account, then you will need to wait until the next beta update is available widely.


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