Windows 10 Will No Longer Support Adobe Flash Player Starting July

Adobe’s Flash Player redefined the way we interacted with the internet. But like all great things, the official support for Flash ended on the last day of 2020. Having said that, Flash is still a component of Windows 10. The upcoming Windows 10 update is going to drop support for Adobe Flash. Windows 10 12H1 will remove Flash from the operating system itself.

According to an update posted on the Microsoft Windows Blog titled “Update on Adobe Flash Player End of Support”, the update for the removal of Flash Player as an integral part of Windows 10 will feature in the Windows update as part of the Windows 10 version 1507 that will come out in July. Apart from Windows 10, the update will also make its way on Windows Server 2012, Windows Embedded 8 Standard, and Windows 8.1 as part of their monthly security update schedule.

Windows 10 will no longer support Adobe Flash Player starting July

For years, Adobe’s Flash Player was one of the core components of the majority of websites on the internet. It offered developers a way to create interactive websites. Most of the games and programs that could be run on the browser themselves were based on the software. It was the most popular plug-in up until HTML5, WebGL and other similar technologies offered similar capabilities.

Due to its popularity, Flash was often plagued with security vulnerabilities. This, in conjunction with the slow loading times, resulted in its gradual demise. With Windows 10 finally deciding to no longer support Flash content, this might be the nail in the coffin for Adobe Flash.

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